Global Experience - Cuba

Join Vertical Skillz for a tour of Cuba’s rich culture. Learn the history of Cuba’s art, sports, music, and agriculture. Connect with local boxers, yogis, farmers, consumers, activists, children, and more. This will be a mini-study-abroad trip for middle and high school students to totally immerse themselves in another world. Appreciate the differences and the things that unite us as a people.

Our activities will include historical site tours, special speakers, sports complexes, art tours, and participation in a day of service with local children. Enjoy the food and beaches, and bring all the things you experienced back to the USA to give back to your own community.

We aim to enhance your understanding of another place other than the Bay Area or the USA. Grow empathy and compassion, learn new ideas, and be grateful for the things you have and the things you don’t.

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Global Experience component:
Students will have the opportunity to apply to this program. It is designed to help prepare middle school and high school students for academic, professional and personal success. Participants will be required to engage in community service in partnership with a local school or nonprofit in the host country. Students have an opportunity to immerse themselves in and learn about other cultures while traveling to various locations with Vertical Skillz. This program focuses on youth of color and those of low-income backgrounds who have not had prior access to international travel opportunities.

To apply for the July 26 – August 3 Cuba Journey:


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