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Dalia 'La Pantera' Gomez began her fighting career even before birth. Born and raised in Oxnard, CA, she fought for survival when her mother was struck by a truck while 7 months pregnant with her. Gomez grew up following boxing and although her hometown is one of the meccas of pugilism, she didn’t start boxing until she lost her basketball scholarship at the age of 21. After a year of hard work and dedication her basketball scholarship was re-instated and she became the first to graduate college in her family. Gomez moved to Oakland, CA and return to boxing after a 10 year hiatus and became the 2015 California Golden Glove Champion, 2015 Puerto Rico vs California Champion and 2016 Beautiful Brawler Champion. Gomez is now a professional boxer, motivational speaker, and a teacher for the Oakland Unified School District. She is an extremely passionate trainer, mentor and she continues to build her youth program Vertical Skillz.

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